Wednesday, March 6, 2019

adoption story of hope: daniel & charity

I began working with Daniel & Charity in August of 2017 after they had a heartbreaking experience with another agency.  They happily started their adoption journey in 2016 with another agency, only to find out the agency had closed their doors shortly after receiving their application.  Thankfully, they hadn't paid any fees at that point, but it was still a startled beginning to the plan they had laid out.  Their hearts were broken, and they felt a halting devastation. Eager to continue on this path the Lord led them to, they remembered hearing about Christian Adoption Consultants, and reached out for more information.  This is when I connected with Charity, and heard their story. 

While they finished their home study process, I had the honor of creating their profile book. While creating their book, I loved learning about their family and how they were drawn to adoption as a way to continue growing their family. Within the first two months of signing on with CAC, they were ready to start reviewing situations!  They presented to several situations over the next four months, but it wasn't until February that they would receive the news they had been waiting on.  There was an adorable 11 month old baby boy who needed a family, and they of course said yes again!  They presented their profile to Zane's birth mom, and they prayerfully waited for their answer.  

In Charity's words:

I will never forget the call on February 1st, 2018! There was an agency in Florida advocating for an 11 month old little boy, who needed a forever family. They said that his birth mother had reviewed our profile and was feeling drawn towards us, but if chosen, we would have to be in court on the morning of February 5th.  We told them we could be there, and prayerfully waited to hear her decision.  Not long after that call, we got the news that we were chosen to be the parents of this amazing little boy, and we hurried to make preparations for the trip. We were uncertain of many details, but we remembered that we needed to just Abide and Trust in Him!  The long trip from Georgia to Florida was not easy!  Our transmission went out on our van on the way, and to make a long story short, we used Uber, rental cars, and several mechanics to get to court on time.  It was a whirlwind of an experience, but we wouldn't trade anything because it was just an unexpected adventure to meeting our sweet boy.

We quickly met our boy, and we were so in love!  While in Florida, we also got to spend time with his birth mom, and I have to say, we love her so much! Since that meeting, we continue to stay in touch,  and we hope to continue growing our relationship with her.   We knew that God was calling us to adopt a child, but during this we realized that He has also called us to love and minister to his first momma as well.  This journey, for us, has been about overcoming our fears, and saying yes to Jesus over and over again. This whole adoption process has grown our faith beyond what we expected, and we are so thankful for His goodness.  He never ceased to take care of us, and guide us through our adoption journey!

Little Zane just turned two years old, and he is doing amazing in his forever family!  He has a big brother and big sister who love him, and a mom and dad who adore him.  It has been such a joy and honor to watch this family walk out their faith journey, and fully trust His plan, even through the unexpected.  Welcome home baby (or should I say "Big Boy") Zane!  


   I would be honored to help guide you on your Adoption Journey of Hope!  
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Monday, March 19, 2018

adoption story of hope: nik & holly

  “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage.”
  It sounds so simple. But, that last part did not come easily for Nik and Holly.
Like most newlyweds, they had high hopes of starting their family, experiencing pregnancy together, and welcoming a little bundle of joy into their lives.  However, they soon learned that life does not always play out exactly the way we see it.  A year after they started trying to conceive, they eagerly moved forward with fertility treatments to try and grow their family. Unfortunately, after several rounds of treatment, they were still unable to conceive a child and growing their family through adoption became the hope they had been looking for.  

And this is where our path's crossed. I "met" Holly, via social media, in a domestic adoption support group and began to answer some of her questions about adoption. I was happy to not only give her advice as an adoptive mom, but to be an encourager as they made their way towards becoming a client. We spoke many times over the course of a few months before they officially became clients in July of 2016. I was excited to begin working on their profile book, while they worked on completing their home study. In August of 2016, their profile book was completed and they were ready to start actively pursuing adoption situations. Over the next few months, Nik and Holly opened their hearts to so many expectant mothers and applied to many situations. Even though they heard "not this time" more than they would have liked, they continued praying and trusting that the Lord was working behind the scenes.  Nine months after I started working with Nik and Holly, it was their time! They were matched with an expectant mom and they would welcome a beautiful little girl into their lives in August of 2017.
Holly shares their journey best in her own words:
The rollercoaster ride of infertility and treatments is real. There are so many ups and downs, twists and turns, excitement, optimism, and heartbreak—not to mention the physical and emotional toll it takes on you each and every cycle. It was because of all of this that when we were faced with the heartbreaking reality that pregnancy and biological children may not be in the plan for us without moving forward with IVF, that we really took a step back and were suddenly both hesitant to proceed. We both strongly felt that this was not the direction we were meant to go in anymore and could feel that adoption was present in our hearts now more than ever.
We had spoke of adoption from the very start of our journey to parenthood. After all, we both have family that were welcomed with open arms through adoption and we had seen firsthand the joy that this process can bring. So, we decided to educate ourselves on the adoption process and started to attend seminars at local adoption agencies--but not one of them seemed to be what we were expecting and we certainly did not walk away with high expectations of having a little one in our home anytime soon.
Feeling a little defeated, we took to the internet to research other ways to adopt. It was during this time, that we crossed paths with Katie and we learned of Christian Adoption Consultants. She was so kind and answered all of our questions long before we even committed to walking this journey with CAC. We truly appreciated her time and honesty and it became clear to us the more we spoke that adoption was truly how we were meant to be growing our family. Suddenly all of the heartache that we had experienced for so many years turned into excitement and we began the process of completing our home study. We joined CAC shortly after we were approved, and honestly do not know how we would have done any of this without Katie! She always answered all of our questions, talked us through situations, and reminded us through our frustrations that God would not let us miss our baby when all we heard was “no” time and time again.
And boy, was she right! I was not sure why at the time it took being told IVF was our only option to truly feel the call to adopt, but looking back now in hindsight it all makes perfect sense. All of those years of struggle and heartache were most definitely our blessing in disguise, leading us to the very moment that we would meet our precious little girl.  And we wouldn't change a thing!

"God certainly had a bigger plan for us all along, 
and His plan, in His timing was better than 
anything we could have ever imagined! "

I was so honored to walk alongside Nik and Holly during this journey. Through the ups and downs of infertility, and through the waiting in the adoption process, they held onto hope.   It wasn't always easy, but now they can see how God was working alongside them and bringing them to the place where they would meet their amazing daughter.  Welcome home are so very loved! 


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Monday, November 13, 2017

adoption story of hope: alan & jessica

Every adoptive family I work with will walk through an adoption journey that is uniquely theirs. And with Alan and Jessica, that is no different.  They experienced ups and downs along the road that led them to their son, but their faith never wavered! Alan and Jessica came to me with much hope to build their family through adoption after experiencing several years of infertility. As you can imagine, walking the road of infertility is not easy, but Jessica and Alan made sure they were not entering this adoption process as a "plan b" option.  She expressed that the road of infertility brought them closer together as a couple, and they had become stronger as a result. Their hearts were now more than ready to become parents!

Alan and Jessica began their adoption journey with me in June of 2016 and exactly one year later, to the date, their son was born!  I personally know Jessica from when we both worked at a local Elementary school together, so I was thrilled when she called me to talk about adoption.  She said they had no idea where to start, and wanted to hire a consultant with CAC to help them on this journey. So, on a warm summer evening, I met with Alan and Jessica at a local coffee shop to discuss adoption.   After meeting together, they were ready to get started right away!  They quickly started on their home study and I completed their profile book during that time.  A few months later they were ready to begin applying to agencies and considering situations.   During the adoption process, they had very open hearts and considered many different types of situations that came their way.  They submitted their profile to several expectant mothers over the next few months before becoming matched with their Expectant mom "B".  I was so happy to hear when they were matched!  Even though the wait became difficult, they clung to the promise the Lord had given them. They would be parents.   As I look back at their journey, I can see how the Lord directed their paths to walk a beautiful road that was uniquely theirs. They are now blessed beyond measure to be the parents of their little boy while continuing to have a growing relationship with his birth family as well.   

Jessica shares in her own words about their experience:

"It was a tough wait and we struggled sometimes to keep moving forward after each time hearing "she chose another family", but we knew our child was coming so we pushed through! Wesley Graham arrived in June weighing 6lb 7oz and was completely perfect! His birthmom "B" is a beautiful woman who has traveled a road of twists and turns, but she is so strong! She continues to make decisions to better her life and we have came along side her to encourage her and cheer her on! She and her mom have become family to us and we are so grateful for their acceptance of us into their family. Together we want to encourage, walk along side,  and love on Wesley as he grows into adulthood. But I hope he doesn't grow too fast!  Adoption has taught us to look beyond ourselves and really do our best to love one another. We can't wait to see what this open adoption will look like in the future!"

It was such an honor to witness this couple walk through their adoption journey with such big faith even when the wait got hard!  


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Monday, April 3, 2017

adoption story of hope : andy & ali

Andy and Ali started working with me in October of 2016 after experiencing a failed placement with a local agency.  They knew the Lord had big plans for their family and waited patiently with their local agency for another match.  After waiting for several more months with the same agency, they decided to open up their possibilities of becoming matched by signing on with CAC  They came to CAC with big open hearts and a strong desire to parent another little baby.  Over the next few months they would consider several more situations by putting their "yes" on the table each and every time.  Every time they presented to an expectant mom, they strengthened their faith in the wait and grew closer together as a family.  
January came and a New Year started... a New Year for God to do some amazing things for this family! Early January, they got a call from their local agency about an expectant mom and baby boy due in just 2 weeks! Yes, 2 weeks!  They waited in anticipation for this sweet boy to be born and to meet the brave mom who had chosen them to parent her son.  Just a few weeks later, they welcomed home their adorable son Zack.  Mom, Dad, big Bro, and baby Zack are all home together, soaking up the love this sweet boy has added to their amazing family. 
 Congrats Andy & Ali ! 

Ali shares in her own words about their adoption journey:

"Adoption is sanctifying: it's a test in patience, in selflessness, in empathy, in trust, and in your walk with the Lord.  God did not let one minute of our adoption journey become wasted: with every day that passed, we kept praying.  When we experienced the heartache of failed matches or a failed placement, we learned to turn to the Lord for healing first.  The skills we practiced while waiting fueled our prayers, changed our hearts, and led us to become the parents of a perfect, squishy, tiny human."

Are you ready to begin your very own adoption story of hope? I would be honored to help you.

Friday, February 17, 2017

adoption story of hope: kirby & romi

Throughout this journey as an adoption consultant I have been blessed to walk alongside some pretty incredible families.  When Romi & Kirby first contacted me in September, they were hopeful to expand their opportunities by working with CAC. I was honored to be able to help them and be a part of growing their family.  
I am not sure any of us knew that their journey would bring them to this tiny miracle.... "baby J".

Romi shares in her own words about their journey:

"Our adoption journey started a year ago in February but our hearts have been preparing for it for years! We became paper approved the first of May, we were beyond excited and I literally was waiting by my phone for a call. After 6 months with no views of our profile book from any expectant mothers, we decided to explore a new option for broadening our base and having a more personal relationship with someone to help us make it through this process. This is when we found our CAC Consultant Katie. She literally filled my heart with hope again, she was a God send. During this journey so many times you are confused, angry and sad.  Trust me we reached all of these emotions and more. Everyone keeps telling you, your perfect baby is out there, God has a plan, don't give up. But sometimes deep down, when your in the trenches, you begin to doubt these things. Is there really a baby for us? Is this really where God wants us to be? Should we continue pursuing adoption? Katie was able, each time we had these, doubts to assure us- YES -God is still there and you are doing the right thing. Guess what, she was right! On January 12th I got a call that there was a baby that had been born at 23 weeks and 4 days in the NICU just 35 minutes from our house. He was currently almost 2 weeks old and he needed a family, would we consider being his forever family! My heart literally stopped and I had to collect myself in the balloon store ( I was buying balloons for our youngest birthday party that evening), I immediately said yes but let me talk to my husband first. After a few days had passed and we had prayed about it, we both knew that without a doubt this was our baby! We met Joseph Daniel for the first time on January 18th, ever since that day,  our hearts have been intertwined. He may have not come from my womb but the connection we share is nothing less-he is our son. We have prayed for him for over a year and now he is finally here. All of our worries and fears have been replaced with love and hope! "

As our NICU journey is far from over, we are continuing to learn from him each and everyday. Our FAITH has been expanded larger than we could have ever have imagined! Everyday he gains weight or goes down on his oxygen assistance and we see a MIRACLE right in front of us. " Romi

“I chose to accept this baby for EVERYTHING he was and NOT for what he wasn’t.”
- Romi
"We chose from the day we heard about "baby J" to accept him as a part of our family, no matter what his situation, because he was a baby in need of a home. Little did we know the blessing that we would receive because of his little life. The support and love has been tremendous."   -Romi

I am so thankful to have seen this family's faith grow before my eyes.  They stepped out on faith and said yes to many different situations, ultimately leading them to their miracle boy.  Please remember this sweet family in your thoughts and prayers as they continue caring for their new son while he is in the NICU for the next few weeks/months. I look forward to the day "baby J" gets to go home and can be surrounded by his Forever family each and every day.   

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